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10 reasons why I want to work by London Hussy

1. I miss getting ready and waiting for your arrival

2. I miss opening the side hatch and watching you reverse step into my home. Into my world

3. I miss the first smile and then kiss. The exchange of the money in an envelope. A drink in your hand

4. The leading you down to the bedroom and stiing on the bed. I watch you undress

5. You watch me, watching and remove the lace from my body with your mind as if you were peeling away my armour

6. I miss the touch of your skin as we embrace: that wet, erotic deliciousness that becomes our dance. Ours. All ours

7. I miss that hour and a half where nothing else matters. We are everything we need in that moment

8. And I miss the way you leave. The warm embrace after your shower. Lustful sin is cleaned. I miss that closeness

"I'll see you soon"

9. And when you step back out of the hatch and into the world, I squeeze your bum and wave you goodbye

10. We are bathed in the afterglow. I tidy.

And prepare for another you

I miss my work.

London Hussy


This poem was created by one of the participants in our most recent Creative Writing to Process Experience Course and published with their consent.


We're currently crowdfunding for a devised theatre project created by sex workers. We want to use theatre and tell our stories to fight against societal stigma and increase the representation of our community. This can only be possible with your help, view our Crowdfunder campaign here.


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