• Sexquisite

Fine Line

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I felt heavy breathing on my neck

It felt like a strong blow of a hammer

but with the weight of a feather

that covered the left side of my body in lust

Who could I trust, if not myself 

For in that moment I felt heaven and no hell

I knew this was wrong, but it was no fight or flight 

More like

let’s cut the bullshit and turn off all the lights

In a dark / blank room / we painted pictures

on the walls, with 

Handprints and sweat and no regret at all

Why does this feel so good? 

Why am I on my knees?

It’s not everyday

that someone makes me feel this weak

His harmony/ vocabulary/ makes me think

of the unimaginable 

His words still dancing around my mind  Each letter I sound out in my head and it sounds just how it should do  a compliment is so complicated but coming from him I felt liberated These words I’m not afraid to hear because I know I’m worth your time so Let’s get straight to the point and finish this sentence I want you in my bed and  I want you in my head and I want to know everything you’d do to me and the rest We can’t deny there’s some chemistry But I was shit at science so you’ve gotta be upfront with me Sweep in like the Southend tide tell me what’s the time and how you’d like to spend it  There’s a million and one ways you could pull me in and be a life jacket Waves hitting/ thighs dripping Heart racing/ I’m chasing  a man who can’t be mine all the time  Friends with benefits is fine

- Rosie Webb @rosiewebbmusic