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if secrets could talk by Maedb Joy

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Directed by Jackie Fisher

Written, devised and performed by Maedb Joy

Music by Kevin Matthews, Jasmine Rottenbliss, Edmund Davie and Cos Chapman

This showing has now ended. To purchase the video please get in contact with

About the project:

if secrets could talk, is a one woman show existing between the realms of poetry and theatre. It explores the rise of survival sex work as a result of the impact of the Universal Credit system. Inspired by real stories collected through interview, it aims to shift the trajectory of blame onto legislation rather than the individual. What happens when a system built to protect us fails, and how could the UK benefit from the decriminalisation of the sex industry?

About the artist:

Maedb Joy is a multi-disciplinary performer and specialises in poetry, theatre, writing and facilitation. She is the founder and Co-Artistic Director of Sexquisite Events and also 1/3 of the all female identifying poetry collective Womxn of Words. Maedb is passionate about access to the arts, and uses her work as a platform to talk about issues that impact working class and marginalised communities.


We're currently crowdfunding for a devised theatre project created by sex workers. We want to use theatre and tell our stories to fight against societal stigma and increase the representation of our community. This can only be possible with your help, view our Crowdfunder campaign here.

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