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For Art's Sake!

It's been one hell of a year for all of us, but the pandemic has certainly hit both sex workers and artists where it hurts. "Feminist" MPs have actively sought to prohibit lobbying groups from providing sex workers financial aid, and Rishi Sunak has told artists to retrain and find other career paths!  

We had programmed our upcoming event on the 23rd of October to provide a platform and paid work to sex worker artists. But with the new restrictions we have had to postpone our event. This has undoubtedly affected both our community and our audience. With that in mind, we have some exciting things in the works! 

We bring you workshops and theatre created by sex worker artists! Click on the title to watch/join and purchase tickets. 

Tuesday 20th October - if secrets could talk by Maedb Joy 

Exploring the rise of survival sex work as a result of the impact of the Universal Credit system. Inspired by real stories collected through interview, it aims to shift the trajectory of blame onto legislation rather than the individual. What happens when a system built to protect us fails, and how could the UK benefit from the decriminalisation of the sex industry? 

Wednesday 21st October - Broke Boy Instagram Takeover 

Trans rapper, sex worker and activist Broke Boy takes over our instagram and talks about what it means to be a trans sex worker artist in the current climate. 

Thursday 22nd October - $exquisite Creative Writing Workshop 

We bring you a rendition of our 'Writing to Process Experience!' Our last course was a massive success, so we thought we would open it up to ALL members of our community. 

For one evening only, we bring you a creative writing workshop that will introduce you to the creative process and how to turn ideas and experiences into poems, short stories, monologues and jokes in a safe, supportive and judgement free environment.

Friday 23rd October - Burlesque & Tease with Gracie Disgrace 

Join Gracie Disgrace for an introduction into Burlesque and Tease!