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A 6 week creative writing course open to everyone (sex workers & allies). Facilitated by Maedb Joy and Carmen Ali. Every Tues evening on zoom Nov 10th - Dec 15th

The story of our writing workshops

Late last year we came up with the idea of running writing workshops specifically designed for sex workers and run by sex workers, to write and talk about their experiences meaning they could do this with the openness they wouldn’t usually be able to do in most writing workshops. We applied for Lottery Funding and were awarded £975 to run a cohort of workshops for the sex work community.

The course was incredibly successful and whilst unfortunately fell in the middle of a lockdown, meant we could move our workshops online and extend outreach internationally. Intially one of our aims was to decrease social isolation for sex workers and whilst, ironic - meant that within isolation, we still did. 100% of participants wanted to stay in touch past the project and 100% said that they felt they had gained skills and confidence on the course.

All participants expressed how beneficial this course was, whether that was in regard to having a safe space, processing experience or gaining new writing skills. Below are some quotes from the participants:

“It had really helped me process parts of my experiences I was struggling to do. I have found the writing immensely useful for my mental health and I have been sharing my work with my therapist. I'm very glad I joined the group.”

“It felt like talking to your biggest fans every time. Everyone has been very supportive and non-judgemental throughout.”

This feedback, backs up research that has shown that individuals who have written about their own traumatic experiences, exhibit statistically significant improvements in various measures of physical health. This includes reductions in visits to healthcare professionals and better immune system functioning. Writing about experience, increases health and wellness in varied ways (L.Stuckley and Nobel, 2010). With that said, these sessions are to process experiences through creative expression and community. You do not have to write about your past trauma, simply whatever you wish to bring to the classes.

Workshops are every Tuesday evening for 6 weeks from 10th Nov to 15th Dec inclusive. 7pm - 9pm


Come along to one of our events! We celebrate the work of sex worker artists through a cabaret showcase, Q & A and an all inclusive-party. Previously we have worked with East London Strippers Collective and the United Strippers of the World Union holding a pop up strip club to raise money for United Voices of the World. 

Our last planned Live show was postponed due to new government restrictions, but will be re-scheduled for the new year so watch this space!

Want to perform at one of our events? Apply here to be added to our database of artists. 

Mentoring and Peer Support

Book a pay-what-you-can mentoring workshop covering the following: 

  • Career development 

  • Online sex work 

  • Marketing and branding 

  • Exiting the industry, transferrable skills (creation of cover letter and cv) 

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