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Collective Poem by Writing to Process Experience Participants

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Exclude me from your rights go on I know it makes you feel good. Why won't you give benefits to people who get you off when you can't find a friend with benefits?

The "American dream" was meant to be accessible to all. This is a song of myself and I wail myself and mourn myself Tell me more about how you're such a big man, how you please the ladies. How you pay for it. Undocumented migrants like my own sister and my legally operating, tax paying sex worker sisters and brothers

And whilst you leave us, void of human rights You sneak downstairs while your wife is asleep Watch porn for hours Centuries after and this is yet another journey into the wilderness. In a fucked up system that manipulates the cities hardest workers. Centuries after and this is still a Salem but with flame throwers. You deny sex workers the right to equality Keep us at work, on the job? How else will you get off? Chasing our dreams So will you accept to confine me To the pastures of green where nothing fears him - the Lord while he gives everything and everything really From the rivers and infinite Instagram followers But just to the worthy. Just like the men who push anti-abortion bills but make their mistresses get abortions. You, darling - are the only one starved. Because it was my skin and not my soul you wanted To hang in your trophy hall while mourning my prey. Nothing, not even the swirls or our hips Of milk and honey Can help make rent I know you haven't forgotten about How you snorted coke of prostitutes prosthetic tits. Money This is my fault. Privilege Will you ever invite me Skin We were giving you Hell I won't die Deep desolate canyon in your pathetic excuse for a heart Maybe if you weren't such a cunt Your wife would still want to fuck you.

© Sexquisite


We're currently crowdfunding for a devised theatre project created by sex workers. We want to use theatre and tell our stories to fight against societal stigma and increase the representation of our community. This can only be possible with your help, view our Crowdfunder campaign here.


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